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Dallas Fort Worth Birth Photography and Films

Dallas Birth Photographer creates Films Cinematography Videos and Slideshows Dallas Fort Worth Texas

Dallas Birth Photographer and Videographer, documents hospital, birth center and home birth and creates beautiful birth films, birth videos and birth slideshows.

Photography is an amazing art that allows us to capture an instant in time, print and display it so the picture can bring us back to that magical moment that happened in a hundredth of a second. The instant when your brand new baby locks eyes with you for the very first time, or when your partner proudly cuts the cord, tears streaming down his face, captured in a frame.

Videography reveals a whole different way to relive the most special day of your life by not only documenting your memories in motion, but also capturing your memories with sound: your baby’s first cry, your partner’s words of love and support while you’re laboring, your birth team’s words of encouragement and praise, and your older kiddos excited squeals upon meeting their new sibling. The birth film is a unique way to preserve the memories from the day you gave life.

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